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Do you find yourself frequently tired or getting sick often? Do you find that your memory is poor, your concentration is foggy and maybe even your hair is starting to thin? These could all be signs of a low-capacity thyroid.

Good news, help is available. And even better news – this help is available through all natural products and services.

Make an appointment with one of their expert practitioners where they will take you through a non-invasive analysis and see if you indeed suffer from thyroid problems or a different weakness.

You yourself may not make the connection, but the experienced health professionals know that many illnesses and conditions reveal themselves in parts of your body that seem unrelated to the root issue. Bulging eyes for example, could be a sign of thyroid complication. A flat tongue, a marking in your right eye (at 3 o’clock), headaches, heart palpitations, poor metabolism, cry easily or depressed – any one of these could be an indicator of a poor thyroid.

Chemicals, electricity, radiation and lack of minerals are all problematic contributors to a weak-capacity thyroid. What you need to do is give your thyroid a boost, in the form of plant-based nutritional supplements – but first contact Clovers in Georgetown, to understand where is the best place to start.


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